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  • 1 Origins of the Army Ground Forces General Headquarters, United States Army, 1940-1942 by Kent R. Greenfield and Robert R. Palmer. 127 pp. 2 A
  • Studies The Army Ground Forces Studies (AGF) were prepared during the course of World War II and published immediately thereafter. The objective was to give an account of
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  • and piazzas are thronged with officers of the army and navy ; the older ones fought in the Civil War, a third of a century ago, and they are all going to Cuba to war against the Spaniards. Most of them are in blue, but our rough-riders are in
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  • destroy all the internal ties within the army, set up its various parts one against the other and turn the scales heavily in favor of the counter-revolutionary elements, since it would be impossible to maintain discipline in a
  • events of the revolution to the army. The old army meant the peasantry. Had the revolution developed more normally--that is, under peaceful circumstances, as it had in 1912--the proletariat would always have held a dominant position, while
  • altogether different succession of events. The army welded the peasants together, not by a political, but by a military tie. Before the peasant masses could be drawn together by revolutionary demands and ideas, they were already organized in
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  • Department of Defense, Secretary of the Army 101 Army Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310-0101USATel: 1 703 695 5135Fax: 1 703 697 8036URL: Headquarters E-mail:
  • URL: Add to contacts
  • IL 61299-7630 USAURL: Add to contacts
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  • TRUCKERS 389th Army Band (see also AMC's OWN) U.S. Army MATERIEL COMMAND BAND 389th Army Band AMC'S OWN (discontinued in 2006 - see U.S. Army MATERIEL COMMAND BAND)
  • Regular Army / Army Reserve Special Designation Listing—By Unit Number— UNIT
  • LOGISTICS 26th Army Band UNITED STATES Army BAND OF NEW YORK CITY 27th Infantry Regiment WOLFHOUNDS 28th Combat Support Hospital
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  • Regular ARMY / ARMY Reserve Special Designation Listing—By  Designation— SPECIAL DESIGNATION
  • AMC'S OWN (discontinued in 2006 - see U.S. ARMY MATERIEL COMMAND BAND) 389th ARMY Band AMERICA’S PROVIDERS 488th Quartermaster Company AMERICAL
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  • Woman: Shifting Definitions of Gender and U.S. Army Nurses in the Vietnam War (Indiana University) Hanna R. Shell Hide and Seek: Camouflage, Animal Skin, and the Nature of Modern War (Harvard University) Stephen E.
  • Robert C. Blackstone Democracy's Army: The American People and Selective Service in World War II (University of Kansas) Judkin J. Browning "Wearing the Mask of Nationality Lightly": The Effects of Union Occupation during
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  • Housing Vladex , Army Catering W.Giertsen , Prefabricated Buildings, Tents and Shelters Warwick Mills , Shelters and Biological and Chemical Protection Products and
  • is a product of SPG Media Limited Copyright 2009 SPG Media Limited, a subsidiary of SPG Media Group PLC Home | New On This Site | Products & Services | Company
  • The website for the defence industries - Army Search
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  • of the (RG 335) II.339-II.357, V.23 Army Amateur Radio System II.88 Army Ammunition Program II.165 Army Anti-aircraft Networks II.89 "Army Chaplain in Combat, The" (film) II.235 Army Chemical
  • are fewer file size measurements for Army, Air Force, and Department of Defense decimal correspondence file series.  I.9 Nontextual records descriptions in Parts IV , V , and VI of this paper basically
  • ft.) ( E* ) provides images of combat, Army posts, equipment, guns and weapons, aircraft, military units and exercises, special forces, medical facilities and procedures, military ceremonies, American and foreign prisoners of
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